History of Tramore Valley Park

Learn more about our history and how it all started. 

The Kinsale Road Landfill site first opened in the early 1960’s. Over the next 35 years, over 3 million tonnes of waste from Cork homes and businesses were landfilled on site. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a waste licence for the site in 1997 which regulates and monitors all activities on site. The Landfill site closed in July 2009.

The landfill site remains under the strict licensing conditions of the EPA. Ongoing monitoring of the landfill site continues today. The landfill is lined with a plastic Liner and has a network of gas collection and leachate (contaminated water) pipes beneath to remove harmful emissions from the site. Over €40 million has been spent on landfill remediation to date.

Landfill gas collected on site is conveyed to a combined heat and power plant which is capable of producing one mega watt of power, enough to power 2% of all houses in Cork City. All the Leachate on site is pumped to storage lagoons and a treatment plant onsite. Here it is pre-treated before being pumped to Carrigrennan waste water treatment plant for final treatment and disposal.

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We are now recruiting for Part-time Park Rangers to join the Glen Resource Centre Team. Park Rangers will be responsible for the Opening/Closing of the Park, with general supervision and cleaning duties.